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Teaching English Abroad

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If you are a native English speaker, a willing traveler and wish to change your current career, imagine what life in the third largest country in the world can offer you. ESL Certified understands that, and has been offering ESL teaching positions in various cities and provinces across the great country of China.

From the exciting, small, neon lit streets of Hong Kong to the south, all the way to Beijing and the dew covered, cold stones of the Great Wall at the far north of the country. Stop in Shanghai along the way, and enjoy everything modern cities of China have to offer.
There are many students and professionals in China willing to learn English, and teachers are in great demand. Use ESL Certified to assist you in the transition from your home country to the city of your choice in China.

Is a great salary, a comfortable apartment, and all the beauty, fun and adventure that China has to offer calling you? Click here for more information on ESL teaching jobs in China.


Interested in teaching English Latin America? How about Ecuador? A small Latin American country bordered by Colombia, Peru and the Pacific Ocean - situated right across from the Galapagos Islands. Click here to learn more.


Do you like working with children? How would you like to teach them English in a country where the full support and resources of the government are behind you? Well, that’s the situation in the Republic of Georgia.

Located in the South Caucuses at the geographical and cultural crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia is as dynamic physically as it is culturally. From pristine beaches and idyllic alpine villages to a gracious, tolerant, and lively people, Georgia is a fantastic place to live and work. And when it comes to working in Georgia, you couldn’t ask for a better situation.

The government is wholly committed to improving the English language skills and cultural awareness of Georgian children, and you can be instrumental in that process.

In coordination with a government sponsored program called Teach and Learn with Georgia (TLG), ESL Certified will be recruiting hundreds of EFL instructors in 2012 to work in government-operated public schools throughout Georgia.

Click here for more information on the English teaching opportunities in the Republic of Georgia.


Would you like to be among the thousands of EFL teachers making good salaries and enjoying comfortable lives in South Korea? If so, ESL Certified can help.

We have been placing hundreds of EFL teachers in private language schools throughout South Korea. Bustling, vibrant cities like Seoul, Busan and Incheon are among the possible destinations. Superior health care, a technologically advanced education system, and one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems are just a few of the amenities you can take advantage of while living in a modern South Korean city.

Living in South Korea also provides a plethora of opportunities to experience Korea’s rich history and dynamic culture. Nine UNESCO World Heritage Sites, delectable cuisine, world class sports facilities, ancient Buddhist temples, and breathtaking scenery combine to make your experience unforgettable.

And a superb compensation package that includes an excellent salary and fully paid housing will allow you to live generously, and even save a little bit of money! 

Click here for more information on living and working in South Korea.


Uzbekistan is a country rarely mentioned among travelers, and even though it is often overshadowed by huge and popular tourist destinations, it is by no means less beautiful. Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, lies on the Great Silk road that runs from China to Europe. Grab the opportunity to live and work as an EFL teacher in this off the beaten path, romantic country.

Use recruiting services as a stepping stone to the greatest adventure of your life, as your mind settles into this vibrant gem of the Eurasian plains.  Great weather, beautiful historic architecture, and all the modern amenities coupled with warm, welcoming people will make sure your time abroad pleasant and memorable.

Life is calling! Come and  enjoy a low cost of living, the majestic beauty of Uzbekistan, its people and neighboring countries.  Work, travel, and experience Uzbekistan as your greatest adventure.

Click here for more information on living and working in Uzbekistan.


Would you like to live, travel and teach in the beautiful country of Vietnam, widely known for its perfect weather, sandy beaches, and vast, warm seas?

ESL Certified can assist you in obtaining an ESL teaching position in Vietnam, and help you develop your capabilities as an English teacher.  English teachers are greatly appreciated in Vietnam and you, as an EFL teacher, will be able to work in public and private schools, language education centers, and various government and international institutions and organizations.

Vietnam is incredibly rich with history, museums, and exhibitions.  It is undoubtedly a great place to visit, yet an even better one to live in.  There are numerous things you can do here, most of them associated with nature, history, and the healing qualities of the incessant sun and the sea.  Both Ho Chi Minh to the south, and the capital of Hanoi to the north – along with the gorgeous waters of Ha Long Bay – offer all the amenities and the fun of modern, 21st century cities.

Click here for more information on teaching English in Vietnam.


Interested in teaching English abroad? Follow these 10 easy steps:

Step One: Obtain Passport

Step Two: Get TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certified (optional)

Step Three: Choose a Country

Step Four: Create an ESL-Specific Resume

Step Five: Apply for Jobs

Step Six: Prepare For Your Interview

Step Seven: Sign Contract

Step Eight: Make Travel Preparations and Obtain Visa

Step Nine: Arrive at your Destination Country

Step Ten: Begin Your Overseas ESLTeaching Career


Obtaining a Passport & Visa:

In order to travel or work in another country you must obtain a passport and visa. Oftentimes it takes a while to obtain these documents so it is important to obtain these documents as soon as possible. The amount of time and money that it takes to obtain a passport and visa varies depending on the date of your departure and/or the country where you will teach.



A work visa is required in order to legally work in most if not all countries. The visa is obtained from the country that you are traveling to. It is a document that allows you to travel to that particular country, live and work there.  Quite often you must apply for the working visa through the government in your home country, for the country that you intend to work. Once you have signed a contract with an ESL school you can apply for a work visa. To learn more about visa requirements click on the country name listed above.



Note: Citizens of following countries please click on the corresponding country name: UK, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand to learn more. For US citizens information is listed below:

A passport is a document that is used for identification purposes and citizenship. The passport allows a citizen to travel abroad.

Normal processing time to receive a passport is four to six weeks from the time of application. It is possible to have the application expedited and the process will take two to three weeks from the time of application.

In order to obtain a passport you will need to complete the DS-11 application form. It can be downloaded online at the United States Postal Service website, or pick one up from your local post office.  In addition to the form, various forms of identification will be required including:

  • Passport Photo: Two identical, color photos of yourself taken within the past six months, They should be at least 2” x 2”, full face, front view, taken on a plain white or off-white background. It is possible to have the photo taken at some post offices for an additional fee.
  • Two types of identification, along with a copy of each:
    • Proof of citizenship (Previously issued & undamaged US Passport; Certified birth certificate issued by the city, county or state; Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certificate of Birth; Naturalization Certificate; Certificate of Citizenship)
    • Primary Identification (Previously issued and undamaged US passport; Naturalization Certificate; Valid Driver’s License; Current Government ID (city, state, or federal); Current Military ID (military and dependents)

Take the completed form and submit it to your local post office in order to have the passport application processed. You can locate the nearest facility at the US Department of State website, There is a $110 fee for processing the application along with a $25 acceptance fee.


Obtaining a Criminal Background Check:

To learn more about obtaining a criminal background check (CBC) please click here.


How to Get a Criminal Background Check (CBC) and/or Diploma Apostilized:

To learn more about getting a document apostilized click here.